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Specialization in fine automobiles

Specialization in Fine Automobiles

Fox Valley Motorcars is dedicated to offering a wide selection of high-end, luxury vehicles to its customers.

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Passion for Fine Automobiles

Fox Valley Motorcars is passionate about fine automobiles and participates in events like track events at GingerMan Raceway.

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High-quality Services

Mechanical Repair, Electrical Repair, Body Repair, Paint and Detailing, Tire and Wheel Repair, Diagnostic Repair, and Regular Maintenance.

Our Services

  1. Mechanical repair: This involves repairing and maintaining the mechanical parts of a vehicle, such as an engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension system.
  2. Electrical repair: This type of repair deals with the electrical components and systems of a vehicle, such as the battery, alternator, and wiring.
  3. Body repair: This type of repair involves fixing cosmetic and structural damage to the body of a vehicle, including collision repair, paintwork, and rust repair.
  4. Paint and detailing: This involves restoring the appearance of a vehicle through professional cleaning, polishing, and painting.
  5. Tire and wheel repair: This involves repairing or replacing tires and wheels, including balancing and aligning wheels.
  6. Diagnostic repair: This involves using diagnostic tools to identify and fix problems with a vehicle’s systems and components.
  7. Regular maintenance: This involves performing regular check-ups and routine services to keep a vehicle running smoothly and prevent future problems.
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Our Passion

Fox Valley Motorcars is passionate about fine automobiles. The dealership has held multiple track events at GingerMan Raceway and has participated in the annual Running of the Bulls in Monterey, CA.

The dealership’s love for fine cars is further showcased through a photo gallery, available online, showcasing selected photos from these events.

  1. Love for fine automobiles
  2. Track events at GingerMan Raceway
  3. Participation in Running of the Bulls
  4. Photo Gallery
Our Passion, Fuling Oil in Car

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